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In Celebration of procession Sunday just passed we are taking the opportunity to share some of the best moments from the Bristol Womens Voice Celebrating Suffrage Lantern Procession.

Tuesday 6th February 2018 marked the actual Centenary to the day when women in the UK first gained voting rights. People of Bristol Came out in style ignoring Sleet, Snow and Freezing temperatures. We guessed it was going to be busy but Bristol you made us proud. My estimate was about 4000 people who were processing .. with 21,000 people engaging with the project online.

The ethos behind the project was to educate about the past and look forward to the future. Over seven days we created 620 individual lanterns and inspired many more with our simple bag lantern idea.

Favourite workshops included those on the Severn Beach Line Train...

Where we engaged both with people who had chosen to come along and people who had no idea the project was happening.

The two schools we worked with which were Badocks Wood In Southmead and Bannerman Road in St Pauls, Bristol. The children learned about Suffrage and then worked out what they wanted to say... each artist working with the children was moved to tears by the workshop.

The photos of the event speak for themselves. And many many of you shared your photographs in the facebook event page.

we were delighted to find this film by Michael Doran on You tube.

Giant puppets were made by @stephaniereeves and @deemoxon, major backup and workshops organised by @amypeck.

Event photography by evokepictures who delivers despite serious weather conditions

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