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A Memory of Elephants Parades on 24th Feb 2018

last summer The Lamplighters started creating a group of Elephants across Barton Hill.

They joined the Lantern Parade which was the finale event of Barton Hill Festival and are currently being stored at St Luke's Church to lead Church Road Lantern Parade on Saturday 24th Feb at 6.30pm.

The elephant lanterns were made with over 100 local people from 3 different Barton Hill groups.

Children at Make Lunch at St likes Church in Barton Hill, The Somali Womens Group at The Wellspring and young people at Learning partnership West groups on The Netham and at The Urban Park were all makers.

We will soon launch the dates where you can participate in this years lantern parade. The theme is collective nouns, get a group together, get your thinking caps on and book on a workshop. Dates to be released soon.

If you run a community group or have a group of friends who and want make lanterns independently and join the parade we would love to host you but we need to know at least 7 days in advance and your group needs to provide two marshals to keep your group safe.

for all queries please email

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