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Stephanie Reeves 

 Stephabie Reeves has been working in the field of Carnival Arts and giant Puppetry for over 20 years. Discovering this lifelong passion after meeting Dee Moxon in 2000 who introduced me into this crazy world. Fuelled by our common interests we formed Gynormous Rawkus (2001-2011) working with groups both nationally and internationally to form carnival teams, puppets/ costumes and walkabout theatre acts both within a community and corporate context, including major sporting events, carnivals, national and local festivals, commemorative events, and community and school workshops.

Since Gynormous Rawkus I have continued to work as a socially

engaged artist through our work at Lamplighter Arts CIC and Arts Enlarge CIC and, as a freelance maker/designer of giant puppets & costume characters for clients nationwide. Most recently I have learned welding and am making animal sculptures for the retail market.

I enjoy making big spectacle art pieces with an high impact and thrive on the challenges that arise when working to a large scale.

Using my wealth of experience as a giant puppet builder and performer, I have created two interactive, high-end walkabout theatre shows, 'The Giant Reindeer' and 'Cheeky Mice.' performing these characters across the country at a variety of events. Our clients include. Bedlam Fair, Shambala Festival, Glastonbury Festival,Scarlet Entertainment and Contraband Events .

Along side this I am the inventor of the kinetic light installation,The Parasol Carousel, often seen at Festivals. They are a series of colourful sculptures made from umbrellas, that spin when the wind blows them and light up at night using their own 12 volt solar powered supply. Client include, Glastonbury Festival, Latitude Festival and BBC Proms in the Park.

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