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Lantern Making Trots On...

Its been a really busy 10 days at in bristol studios in Barton Hill. Three of us, Stephanie Reeves, Amy Peck and myself Dee Moxon are making large lanterns for the Holburne Museum procession in Bath, this Thursday at 5.30pm.

the lanternsmade at in bristol will also be appearing at Church Road lantern parade on Friday 4th December at 5.00pm.

Saturday Workshops.

Remember workshops are coming up at Bethesda on Church Road this Saturday 21st November between 2-5pm. It is not neccesary to book but please give yourself an hour to complete a lantern. The workshop is for people of all ages, children must be accompanied and assisted as we are likely to be busy. Last lantern making will be starting at 4.15pm. There will be a £3 donation requested for each lantern made.

We can cope with about 20 makers at one time, if we get over run be prepare to go for a cup of tea next door and come back later!

If you can't make this Saturday there will be another next Saturday at too.

Those of you who prefer to make things in the comfort of your own home could buy a lantern kit, they are £6.00 and contain enough materials to make 2 x large lanterns or 3 x small ones - add your own PVA and a light- no candles please!

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